Custom Wood / Table Options

Hamilton Lumber Design uses many different wood & hardware suppliers. The reason we do this is to give our customers the best quality and diversity pieces for the best prices around. All of our pieces are sanded to a minimum of 2000 grit, and finished with Odie's Oil, an all-natural & food safe coating. On this page, you will find custom options including wood, table legs & bases, as well as many different epoxy pigments. Follow the link below to get started on your custom quote form!

Note: All items shown below are subject to availability. The following list is not exhaustive. If you would like something that you don't see below, please contact us.

Wood Species

Black Walnut (North America)

Black Walnut (North America)

Black Walnut (North America)

Cherry (North American)

Olive (Europe & Eastern-Africa)

Quarter-Sawn Red Oak (North American)

Makore (West & Middle Africa)

Zebra (Central Africa)/Curly Maple (North American)

White Oak (North American)

Hickory (North American)(Limited Availability)

Elm (North American)(Limited Availability)

Ash (European & North American)

Table Leg Options

2-Rod Hairpin (Coffee table, Hallway Table, Side Table)

3-Rod Hairpin (Coffee Table, Bench, Hallway Table, Desk, Side Table)

Gas Pipe (Coffee Table, Bench, Hallway Table, Side Table, Dining Table)

Flat Iron (Dining Table, Desk)

Square Tubing (Dining Table, Hallway Table, Bench, Coffee Table, Desk)

Cast-Iron Wishbone (Dining Table, Desk)

Cast-Iron (Dining Table, Desk)

Cast-Iron (Bar Height, Dining Table Height)

Decorative Cast-Iron Base (Bar Height, Dining Table Height)

Pigment Options

We use Pearl-Ex Powdered Pigments which are shown below. We also use Black Diamond Pigments. Pigment colours can also be mixed to make virtually ANY colour.